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Public Speaking 4 Kids run in the education sector within the Schools or Colleges to provide training for years 6 through 11 students in listening, thinking and effective speaker skills.  A course also allows students to develop leadership skills through role playing in meeting procedures. Another Course is a Professional Personal Development course to bring Teachers up to speed with Oral Communication guidance principals and praticalities.

Public Speaking 4 KidsEssentials course  runs  for one  hour ( 1 period) once a week for 4 weeks in succession.  The 4 week public speaking program teaches the art of using an individuals various behavior to engage the audience with a further focus on basic speech structure.


Elements including impromptu speaking and the use of imagination are also challenges we present to the students.Students are encouraged to also assist with giving constructive and complimentary feedback to each other.

We are able to cater for classes up to 30 in number. Our instructor facilitates every detail of this program.The structure and content of this program is suitable for grades 5 and 6 as a solid introduction to public speakingThis course will involve 15-20 students a session so that they can all benefit from equal exposure to the various elements of our program.  Enabling each student time to  prepare, realise the value of preparation and have adequate time throughout the course to practice and absorb the information available, and then progress to the next weeks assignment with a higher level of confidence.

The students also benefit by planning, reading, writing, creating, organising and delivering prepared speeches as well as impromptu speeches. Helpful encouraging feedback is a valuable tool students learn and practice as well.  Thinking skills and discipline  are also mandatory components for the children to learn in controlling the meeting flow and the proper respect for position and protocol.

Requirements for the Students to complete:

  • 3 Speeches
  • 2 Reviews
  • 2 Impromptu Talks
  • 2 Impromptu Reviews
  • 2 Watchdog Roles
Interestingly our course meets the five educational principles that underpin schooling for all students.
According to our Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood Development they are:
“Learning for all: the belief that all students can learn given sufficient time and support, and that good schools and good teaching make a positive difference.
Pursuit of excellence: seeking to accomplish something noteworthy and admirable individually and collectively, and perform at their best.
Engagement and effort: acknowledging that student ability is only one factor in achievement, and if students work hard and make an effort they improve.
Respect for evidence: seeking understanding and truth through structured inquiry and the application of evidence to test and question beliefs.
Openness of mind: being willing to consider a range of different views and consider different ways in which evidence is perceived and solutions can be reached.” ( Ref )


Victorian secondary school teachers have their days full. Not only do they have to keep dozens of young active minds engaged and focused on learning, they aslo have to do it within a state learning structure.

This structure is the “Victorian Essential Learning Standards” (VELS). Victorian teachers ensure their students learn all the skills it details.  Speech Master Academy can help students learn many of those components within the English discipline’s “Speaking and Listening” criterion, and the Communication and Thinking Processes interdisciplinary domains.

The VCE and VCAL English courses also contain compulsory oral communication skills to be learnt, as well as tasks to be completed.

Similarly the HSC and IB Diploma require the demonstration of oral skills, and it is an optional component of ACE.

Because of the holistic nature of our Public Speaking 4 Kids course,  the disciplines involved in the preparation and delivery of their presentations and the role play of running and chairing the many functions of a meeting, provide  accelerated self development for the betterment of their scholastic, personal and later their professional lives.


Public Speaking 4 Kids have our courses designed to comply with the Victorian Education VELS systems “three strands of learning”


“Three strands of learning

There are three strands in the Victorian Essential Learning Standards that define what students should know and be able to do at different stages of learning. They are:


Physical, Personal and Social Learning: such as health and physical education and civics and citizenship
Discipline-based Learning: of subjects such as the arts, economics, English, mathematics, geography and history
Interdisciplinary Learning: covering Communication and Information Technology.”
( Ref )


We believe there are enough criteria within our courses for schools and colleges to secure a grant for the payment of these  extended trainings of students and our other courses that train enthusiastic dedicated teachers to run these same courses.


All students are given a 20 page workbook
All student are expected to complete the requirement list above
All students are given coaching and encouragement to do their best
All students would need to bring pen and paper
All students would greatly benefit with teacher contribution and support between sessions
All excelling students are recognised with a token certificate or ribbon on the day
All students vote for the best performers of the session
All students learn each discipline through hands on involvement


Our Public Speaking 4 Kids Programs are always tailored to the specifics of the group. In our other courses we are prepared to deliver for individuals, seminar format or in small group workshops.
Our Coaches meet the Education Department standard by holding a current “Working with Children” card issued by the Department of Justice of Victoria


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